A Message from the Association’s Chair

Dear Members,

I know many of you will have come into contact with Judith Stratton, our wonderful, bubbly Community Navigator, who sadly lost her daughter Rachael recently in tragic circumstances.

I wished to share just how wonderful and talented a young lady Rachael was and, thanks to Spotlight, I can now do so using their amazing video of tribute, which is also available through the Isle of Wight Radio website. Please watch it if you wish by following the link below:

‘Sparkling Star’: Rachael Stratton

All of us know just how special Judith is. A person who always goes the extra mile to improve people’s lives, bringing much happiness and meaning to others. She is a very special lady and the Stratton’s are a wonderful family, so please keep them uplifted in your thoughts and prayers.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the family at this difficult time.,


Sue Birch

Chair & Committee

Brading Residents Association