Brading Community Project


  • Identify the level of community desire to save the Brading Youth Club and if so develop a plan to secure funding for this in both the short and long term.
  • Identify the level of community desire to save the Old School and if so develop a plan and raise funds to save the building.
  • Identify if any other public services could be based in the Old School to increase utilisation of the building and ability to attract funding.
  • To build on the existing strong community spirit within Brading so all residents feel included and ownership of any solutions delivered in the long term.


If the community are to take over the responsibility of running the youth club and building then we will have to establish a legal organisation structure, which will be best for us. At the moment our favoured option is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The main advantages of this would be independence, transparency, improved fundraising ability, and tax benefits.

Project Plan

Following the open day on 29 September we are now looking to establish a CIO which will then enable the Isle of Wight Council to transfer the Old School Building to us, continue delivery of the Youth Club and then secure short term funding and management services meeting all legal requirements.  Over the next year we would then look to develop plans for wider community use of the building.


This is a Community Project and as such this will need the active involvement of members of the community to help with raising funds, the youth club, maintaining and improving the building, communications, administration, IT, finance and legal.

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