Daisy Bus & the new Red Jet timetable – be aware

An important message from Wessex Cancer Trust

The Daisy Bus offers free of charge travel for Island cancer patients needing treatment at Southampton General Hospital.

The Red Jet timetable is changing again imminently and more sailings will be offered but the new timings don’t match the Wessex Cancer Trust Daisy Bus timetable at all.

The Daisy Bus driver currently does pick ups at both Ocean Village and the Jury’s Inn hotel as well as at Red Funnel. Coordinating these pick ups/drop offs with the new Red Jet timetable has been looked at in detail and we can’t see a way of matching it up.

We can only offer one solution.

From today we’re asking all patients travelling to SGH via our Daisy Bus to call the driver to discuss their personal travel arrangements. The driver will do everything in his power to assist, but inevitably patients may face a short delay whilst this timetable is in place.

The Daisy Bus number for Southampton is 07747 776874.

An eye will be kept on the situation of course and any change will be publicised.