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We like to think our little corner of the UK is one of the safest and happiest around. But for someone who may be feeling vulnerable; the world outside their own home can be filled with too much noise, too many people, too much to handle comfortably. Whether you have a learning or physical disability, experience dementia, anxiety, depression, find yourself being the victim or bullying or mate crime; a Safe Place may be able to help!

A Safe Place is a location in the community, like a shop, a community centre, a Church or a café where someone who may be feeling vulnerable can go to in order to get help and assistance.

Our Safe Places are all members of our community who have volunteered their location and time in order to offer a sanctuary for anyone in need.

How it works: 

If you class yourself as a vulnerable person, or you have a friend or family member that could benefit from being able to access our Safe Places, registering for a Safe Places card is simple!

Just pop over to our website and head over to the contact form, fill it in and submit it over to us:

If you’re out and about around town and in the community, whether it’s out shopping or walking the dog, seeing your friends, or just getting some fresh air and start to feel lost, frightened, overwhelmed, bullied or over stimulated; head to a Safe Place and show them your Safe Places card.

From there a member of staff can give you a quiet place to decompress and you can let them know what you need. Our volunteers can help you get help from your registered contact, refer you over to a service or simply get you a cup of tea and offer an ear.

Our volunteer locations are across the Island. A full list can be found on our website (, or you can download the Safe Places app by heading over to the national website:

All Safe Places have a sticker in the window, so as long as they’re open, you can get help if you need it!


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Safe Places IOW are funded by the Isle of Wight Council and supported by the Isle of Wight Safeguarding Adults Board.

For more information about Safe Places IOW contact Jane Hughes:

See the source image     07899 904332

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