News Update 18th November 2016

Just to inform you that I have managed to get some helpful booklets from Independent Age called Wise Guides. These booklets produced by Independent Age offer advice and support for older age. 

I have received a number of these booklets for BRAG members, their relatives, friends and neighbours who may be in need of help and advice. 

The Titles are as follow;

  1. HAPPY, happy, connected. Support and advice for older people living alone. 
  2. Choosing a care home. Support and advice to best the best from your move
  3. Your health and the NHS. Helping you get the care you need as you get older. 
  4. Advice for later life. Support and entitlements for the over-65’s
  5. Extra help at home. Essential advice for the over-65’s to live independently. 
Should anyone wish to receive these booklets – please contact me on 407723.
If collecting is a problem, I will willing drop any copies off within reason distance. 
I also have the leaflets from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks who  look after the wires and cables that  bring electricity to communities throughout the North of England and central Southern England. They do not send out electricity bills – you can choose your company for that side of things. Their job is to maintain and repair the actual electricity networks, and to fix power cuts as quickly and safely as possible.  
You  can sign up for the Priority Services registration if you are
  • Deaf or hard of hearing
  • You are disabled
  • You have a baby under 12 months
  • You are blind or partially sighted
  • You are chronically ill
  • You rely on powered medical equipment
  • You are a pensioner. 

Everyone has different needs, so ring SSEN to discuss, on 0800 294 3259

 I can supply these leaflets should you need them for anyone who is eligible to receive this service.
  • Priority Services  line is 24 hours a day
  • Connection to local emergency services
  • Emergency power supplies. If you are dependent on electricity (e.g. for home medical care) they aim to provide portable generators during prolonged power cuts
  • Safety advice tailored to your needs, e.g Braille, textphone, audio CD or foreign language
  • Provisions for your community
  • Peace of mind. Offer a password to use when dealing with staff from SSEN. 
  • Nominated contact
Please leave a message on my answerphone, or email me, should you require any of this information.