NHS England People’s Experience Survey

NHS England is running a people’s experience survey to understand the progress of implementation of personal health budgets, integrated personal budgets and personal wheelchair budgets. People Matter IW have been asked to promote this survey so that Quality Health can gather a wide range of views. It’s vitally important that the survey is completed by budget holders so that Quality Health can prioritise their quality improvement work and understand people’s experience of getting and having the budgets.

 The survey is available online:www.myonlinesurvey.co.uk/PHWB19, and can be completed by budget holders, or their family or carers on their behalf. It is open until the 14th May 2019.

 Budget holders can also phone the Quality Health FREEPHONE helpline number on 0800 783 1775 for more information, for helping completing the questionnaire – including organising a translation service – or to ask for a printed copy to be posted out for offline completion.

 More information is attached which you may find helpful. It tells you more about what is involved and how you can take part.

Please contact the relevant organisation direct for more details. Thank you

If you have any comments or queries about this survey, you can contact the NHS by email:England.personalhealthbudgets@nhs.net

Personal Health Budgets Team

Personalised Care Group
NHS England
Skipton House – 2D
80 London Road
London, SE1 6LH

If you have any concerns about how your responses to the survey have been used as part of this survey, please contact the NHS at the address above. Further information on raising a concern and your right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office can be found from the link below:


If you have any queries about the questionnaire or about how your information may be used, or if you require help completing the questionnaire, please call the FREEPHONE helpline number on 0800 783 1775. A translation service is also available if required.